Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Pipes, are they really enough??

So the group projects are under way and I have gotta say I think we are making excellent progress. Within the first week we had gotten our level location sorted, Ideas wee flying around so much you had to hide in the fridge with the cakes to avoid getting knocked out by them.

After studying the queens building I noticed that there was a large amount of piping, i instantly saw this as one the major characteristics of the Queens Building so I jumped in at the chance to focus my attention on these.

Now that i have nearly finished working on these, I have a feeling that I really haven't done enough work, but with most of the assets already built, and the unreal engine work already making headway. A sense of hopelessness is starting to set in. Will I have done enough work??

I am trying to get my hands on any little assets that need building, which wont take up to much time, but still go toward the amount of work that I have been doing.

After talking about this to the group yesterday they were saying the the piping system was a pretty colossal task as it is. But still I think that it I should do more if I can. But what, do i delve deeper into the Unreal Engine and hope that documentation and experimental pieces will work. Do I try to find more that I can actually put into the final piece.


Zongyi Chen said...

I think there's still loads left to do, such as all the special effects that we've discussed to put in Unreal when the character moves from A to B, and all the sound things... you can be in charge of that if you like :)

The assets that are done so far are just the basics - some still need to be "destroyed". You can do that if you like.

Personally, I keep having a feeling that there's still a lot more to be done than what the eye can see.

Simon said...

yh I know what you mean, the stuff keep creeping up on you. I went back to the queen building and there are still loads of little bits and bobs that can be added, along with all the stuff created, and to be added there should be plenty to go around