Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The 21st Century, Next-Gen Gaming and Beyond

Next- Gen Gaming. Let’s have a look at the major issues facing the games industry.

The first issue I’m going to have a look at is the publishing of new games. Sequels to big selling games, or licensed movie game are guaranteed to sell, whereas new games most of the time don’t even get off the drawing board, this is because of the way that publishing works, if I’m correct the publishers invest the money into the project for funding, and I’m not just talking a couple of hundreds, therefore they need to be sure that they are making a good investment and that there not going to lose out on money, plus they will make a nice little profit.

The next issue that I’m going to look at is, cross platform gaming. Originally the game company would make their game for a specific console. The publisher of the game would later higher a programmer, to enable the release of the game on other consoles. Now cross platform gaming is almost an essential part of games design, this is because is targets as wider audience, and it also helps to intrigue publishers.

Well I could go on talking about the way that the new consoles are but of course you’ll be sick of reading about another person rabbit on about how they think the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3, or how the Nintendo Wii is their favourite. Personally I can’t really say that I have a favourite

Well there we go I think that’s about most things, but wow its finally within the 300 word limit, but i cant help feel I’ve got a lot to add, but I’ll come back to it soon.

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