Friday, 14 November 2008

My Personal History of Gaming

Where to start, I think the beginning is usually the best bet. Believe it or not the first game I can remember playing was ‘Pong’, can’t really remember that much because it was a few years ago.

It really all kicked off for me with ‘Sonic Adventure 2’, for the Sega Mega Drive. My parents wouldn’t let me have it set up all the time though when I was younger, so I was limited to how much I played. God knows how I coped if I go more that 3 days max without playing a game I think I’ll go crazy. Several other games for the Sega mega drive really sparked my interest, including ‘The Lion King’ and some form of space game, can’t remember the name of it for the life of me.

2 years after the Playstation 1 was released, my parents went out and invested in one, and what an investment it was. I really got into gaming around that time, watching my dad play ‘Tomb Raider 2’. At the time to decided to stick to ‘Crash Bandicoot’. After a while I moved to the harder games, this included ‘Metal Gear Solid’, I got so addicted to this game I’m sure my parents started to worry about me. I didn’t stop playing it until I completed it about 4 times, damn I could probably go back and do it again now, that game just doesn’t grow old.

The Gamecube was the next investment made, after playing ‘The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time’ briefly and being blown away by it, I was overjoyed when I found out I had my own version, along with ‘LOZ Windwaker’. I grew fond of RPGs very quickly, there was always something new around every corner, keeping me glue on the edge if my seat.

The Xbox was next on our list shortly after the death of the gamecube, which has only recently been replaced *wipes eyes*. If I remember correctly the first game that came with that was ‘Arctic Racer’ or something to that effect. During school i was always hearing people going on about a game called ‘The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind’. After constant enquires and nagging I found out it was an RPG, where you had almost total control of what u did as a character. The Moto for this game was, ‘To live another life in another world’ and damn it was right. I fell in love with this game in the first instant; I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of the game, along with the total free control.

Playstation 2 was very late in arriving into my gaming experience, but that was soon made up for with the addition of ‘Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty’. Just like its predecessor I just couldn’t get enough of it, completing it with a very short space of time. The Prince of Persia series was also very griping. I have developed a taste for RGGs over the years and are to this day a personal favourite. This might sound like a crime to lot of people but i have only recently got into Final Fantasy, a woah what a collection.

About 3 or so years ago my best mate introduced me to my now personal favourite game to this game ‘World of Warcraft’ also known as ‘World of Warcrack’ because it is so addictive. ‘WOW’ is the world largest MMORPG, with around 10 million player, and just released its second major expansion. I pretty much owe where I today to that game, I became inspired by blizzards Warcraft series as a whole. I have been studying blizzard for a while now and I would actually like to work for them as an artist, of course I feel like a have a long way to go before then though.

I feel like I’ve missed quite a lot out but there you go that is a brief overview of my gaming history.

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