Thursday, 2 April 2009

Creativty, its still there, I Think

Ok so you may have read my previous blog about creativity, well now that several months have passed and its time to have another look.

To be honest creatvity hasnt changed much over the last 3 months, but what has changed is my views on creativity, after watching speach by a fellow called Ken Robinson, it makes you begin to wonder about how creativity is brought out within a person. Ken Robinson said that everybody is born with creativity, just think about some of the things you used to do as a child, the drawings, the imagination of games made up when with friends, or was that just me? Anyway in Ken Robertsons speach he said that the one major factor that supresses this creativity, is education, the format of the educational system makes you look at many things that are important to know, such as Literacy and Numeracy. But almost all the other subjects that you study will have such small focus on creativity, you are told, read this write that and answer these questions over and over again, where is there time in all of that for creativity? The answer is there isnt. The education system doesnt consider creativity when writing the curriculum.

Creativity is shown in many different ways, such a dance and drama, its not just art. People who are good at these things dont have to chance to express them and see where they could go with it, the reason for this is that education works on a ‘Right/Wrong’ system, its either right or wrong, but with creative subjects you can mark it on a right/wrong basis because every person will interperet things differently, that includes how the sudent will look at something compaired to the tutor, of course the education authority will try and look at it that way, for ease.

This wll put students in a mind set of if its not exactly what i am showed then it is wrong. Question to you see something wrong with that? They cant express themselves creatively for fear of getting the work wrong.

So to some it up, creativity is always there but through education it get supressed, sometimes to a state of complete absence.

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